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Ja Black
Composer, Arranger & Performer

Fullsteam Productions is a New York-based Music Producer, with an extensive experience in music.  Currently, I am the composer, arranger and performer of all the music in my database covering a number of genres and sound styles. Fullsteam Productions has lots of experience in music as a committed artist with a deep desire to make good music.  Complemented with deep roots and understanding, my lifetime goal is to create good music that can be shared emotionally and touched by those who are willing to open up. 

Ja Black


How It All Began

As far back as I can recall, music has been a centerpiece of my life.  From elementary school to the present time, music has been there.  Remembering the excitement as a kid watching and hearing musicians perform in my parents home was pure joy.  Watching my Father and Sisters play instruments and singing is truly unforgettable for me and my Brother who is also a talented musician.  To add to this wonderful experience, my Grandfather, John Alexander Black (hence, my name "Ja Black"), was a jazz pianist to which my Mother believed I inherited some of his inspiration.  I feel grounded and extremely thankful to all whom have embraced me with the intangible tools that I carry with me throughout my lifelong journey.

Through the years of training, I've gain a fundamental understanding of music in various forms in addition to acquiring the ability to play multiple instruments.

I received formal training on Hammond Organ, Composition/Arranging and Trombone.  I am self-taught on other instruments such as piano, accordion, bass guitar, various guitars, tenor banjo, clarinet, alto sax, in addition to percussion instruments such as vibraphone, timbale, congas & trap/electric drums and vocals.  As a life time student, these instruments keep me busy.  I play all instruments in addition to composing and arranging all the music on my website.

Composing and arranging music has always been a constant theme for me that is included in the different styles of creativity when writing original materialor working for hire.  This and other interests led a desire and then a need to having an outlet for my music.  All the music on this site is original with a variety of influences that hopefully make my style unique.  Check it out - I believe you'll like what you hear and feel.

Ja Black


Music by Fullsteam Productions

Purpose & Goals

Creating music (in my opinion), is like telling a story, sharing an experience or maybe feeling an emotion - taking a journey into imagination.  Perhaps all of these and more, life is kind of a rainbow with an array of many colors and things.  When I compose and/or arrange music, I embrace these intangibles as tightly as I can with the one desire of capturing that feeling !  I take time regarding my work making use of all available resources.  I do a lot of head-arranging and scoring(when necessary) almost as if I am working on a musical or play.

The root of my music is life itself.  As composer, arranger, performer and founder of Fullsteam Productions, I am committed to the ongoing quest of the heart and pulse of such music.  At Fullsteam Productions, I utilize a wide assortment of acoustic & digital instruments in addition to providing all vocals and arrangements thereof. 

After taking a short break from music, Fullsteam Productions returned to the music scene fiercer and more committed than ever. These projects enclosed reflect a new turn in my career as a progressive multi-instrumentalist at Fullsteam Productions. Please listen and enjoy the original sounds it has to offer.

In closing, as I continue working on my own catalogs, I can be available for other projects wherein my skills & experience as a musician, arranger, composer or director may be desirable.  For additional information such as costs of service and availability, please  contact me through this website.

Ja Black


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